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Welcome to Domestic Pet Transport

Providing cost effective pet travel across Australia

Domestic Pet Transport provides you with a reliable and stress free service to transport your pets across Australia, to suit both yours and your pet’s needs. Whether you are relocating or are bring a new Furry Family Member home, we offer a large variety of services to tailor to your early requirements.

With a large network of trusted agencies, transport businesses and boarding facilities, we can offer road transportation, boarding and other pet services in all major cities within Australia, to ensure ease when booking your pets transportation.

We can book flights through Qantas and Virgin for your precious pet to most airports across Australia.

We are a Registered Pet Travel Specialist with Qantas and can transport your Brachycephalic Breed in and out of all below Major Ports and Limited Regional Ports across Australia *conditions apply – see Brachycephalic Regulations Page.

What we Offer


Road & Air Pet Transport

Airline Approved Crates

Post Entry Quarantine (PEQ) Releases

Comfort Stops & Transfers

Veterinary Collections & Drop Offs*

Brachycephalic Transport

*Limited Locations

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Domestic Pet Transport

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Pet Travel Agent

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Pet Travel Agent / Driver

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Administration Manager

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